Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Australian Magpie gives a lesson to its young on feeding and nest building - video by Moses Waring

These two Australian Magpies were near our caravan site at Victor Harbor late last year (2013). It looked like the older magpie was trying to show the younger magpie how to forage in the dirt for food, and then picks up a stick. I think it was trying to show the younger one how to collect sticks for its nest. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy the video.

Musk Lorikeet feeding on a flowering tree video by Moses Waring

I really love the parrots and lorikeets, they have lovely colours and they can be so funny and they can be noisy too. This Musk Lorikeet was feeding on some flowers in our campground at Victor Harbour in South Australia. I got up early and was looking for birds when this one flew into the tree next to me.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Pacific Black Duck and its Ducklings video by Moses Waring

On our way to Melbourne during the summer holidays, we stopped at Bordertown, South Australia. There were quite a few birds there including this Pacific Black Duck and its ducklings. They were so cute. Hope you enjoy the video.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Wild Budgerigars feed in the Tree Hollow

Sand Goanna and the cicada

We were at some friends place to play some tennis.While I was there, I saw this Sand Goanna wander through the bushes and then come under the pool fence with a cicada. I then watched it walk across the back verandah until it finally found a nice place behind a pot plant. Hope you enjoy the movie.